Tips for Entry

image of lucie doughty image of stephanie image of robert cromeans


  • Storyboard your concepts down to the nail polish, poses, props, etc. Practice the looks before the shoot.
  • Be selective when choosing a model, makeup artist, fashion stylist and photographer. These essential people will make your best work even better and elevate the average shoot into award-winning territory.
  • Minimize the number of people on set at the shoot. Too many could lead to chatter and distractions.
  • Create a timeline and do your best to stick to it. Time management is very important—a shoot can easily get derailed, drain the energy of the team, frustrate the photographer or upset the model. See our Timeline Example for help.
  • Set up a mini station on set with products, pins, water bottles and anything else you might need.
  • Stay with the photographer and the model, paying attention to each and every frame.
  • Make sure the final image submitted reflects your best effort and goal for the competition.

Timeline Example

10 weeks out
Choose your inspiration look.

8 weeks out
Create your own storyboard.

6 weeks out
Choose your photo shoot team and select/book your model.

4 weeks out
Practice your complete look. Does it require adjustments with makeup, wardrobe or hair?

2 weeks out
Have your final model fitting.

1 week out
Create and confirm your shoot day. Send a schedule to your team so they know how the day will flow.

Day of the shoot
Arrive calm with a positive attitude and your shoot will be a success.